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Leicester! Brace yourselves! The UK’s wildest Bingo night has arrived at Leicester O2 and we’re going BIG! Brace yoursELVES , THE CHRISTMAS SPECIALS ARE HERE!!!! It’s your favourite night absolutely plastered with festive fun, and yes that means the prizes too! Let our DJ Santa and Stage Elves take you on a magical journey through candy land Hold tight for a mad, confetti filled, fast paced night run by our host and stage grans with prizes that will change your life forever!

• Doors 6pm / Last Entry 8pm

• Stage battles

• Ridiculous rounds

• Weird and wonderful prizes that will change your life forever


What is BINGO LINGO? We’ve taken bingo, shaken all the dust-out and turned it into one mad, confetti-filled, party-bingo night! You’ll be sat at a table with all of your friends playing bingo in a fast paced full club night environment to win prizes that will change your life forever This is BINGO LINGO – Bingo like you’ve never experienced before. It’s a mixture of amazing/sh*t prizes, all behaviour accepted, fast paced Bingo with a lot of nonsense & weird rounds in between with two elderly ladies on stage. Prepare yourself for an unrivalled experience of dance-offs, twerking, joke prizes and on stage mischief. It’s an unmissable night of BINGO LINGO mayhem! Get your groups in early and plan in advance.

Check us out on Instagram: @BingoLingo

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