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BUILTH WELLS…WE ARE BACK. We’re coming in hot with a HUGE show at The White Horse!
Tickets are going to sell out quickly for this one:
• Doors 6pm
• Last Entry & First Game 7pm
• Stage battles
• Ridiculous rounds
• Weird and wonderful prizes that will change your life forever
We’ve taken bingo, shaken all the dust-out and turned it into one mad, confetti-filled, party-bingo night! You’ll be sat at a table with all of your friends playing bingo in a fast paced full club night environment to win prizes that will change your life forever
This is BINGO LINGO – Bingo like you’ve never experienced before. It’s a mixture of amazing/sh*t prizes, all behaviour accepted, fast paced Bingo with a lot of nonsense & weird rounds in between with two elderly ladies on stage. Prepare yourself for an unrivalled experience of dance-offs, twerking, joke prizes and on stage mischief. It’s an unmissable night of BINGO LINGO mayhem! Get your groups in early and plan in advance.
Check us out on Instagram: @BingoLingo
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